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my boyfriend and i are very much in love but whenever i dont

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my boyfriend and i are very much in love but whenever i dont see him for a few days because hes busy or whenever were out together and hes not showing me affection or paying attention to me i get very upset in my head and dont know how to just sit back relax and enjoy his company and just know he loves me without making things complecated in my mind about if hes not showing me affection he must not love me. even though i know he does
Hi, Relationships are all about trust, and what you are saying is that you are afraid that if he isn't affectionate he doesn't love you. Why don't you trust him? have you been hurt by a boyfriend before? I would suggest you change the way you think when your mind starts to think like this. Instead of focusing on the thought that he must not love you, make yourself stop and keep repeating something positive. for example, tell yourself "we are very lucky to be in this relationship and so comfortable just enjoying each others company" do that everytime you start to get the negative thoughts, it's tough at first but if you stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positives you will have a much better relationship and feel better about yourself too!!! Negative thinking does nothing ...
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