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Jennifer, School Psychologist
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I contacted the principal guy via e-mail about putting are

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I contacted the principal guy via e-mail about putting are work e-mail on blackberries since he has one. Here is how the emails went.

My first e-mail: Do you have a blackberry? If so, do you have Novell on it? I am having a hard time getting novell on mine. If you know what to do, would you please help me?

Principal Reply: I have a Blackberry but do not have Novell on it....sorry I can't help with that. Hope you are having a good day!

My Reply:I am having a wonderful day. I hope your day is going well too.

Principal Reply:Is it Spring yet! The children are blossoming...and not in a good way! You have a lot of letters behind your name. I hope to be like you one day!

My Reply:I like spring time. As for the letters behind my name, in the helping field it is a good decision to get as many certifications as possible to meet the needs of clients. I guess for me I alwas wanted to take care fo my education first before I got settled. All the married females at my church advised me on that matter.Now I am settled.

You know spring time is near and that means I have to do a lot of data entry for the state. Like everyone else I prefer the fun activities, for instance tomorrow I am doing a Health Science Virtual job shadow with my health science cluster group. It is fun for the 6th graders who don't get to job shadow outside of the school.

Principal Reply:

What church do you go to? I have found a true passion for reading and studying God's word. Most days it keeps me sane. I have also found true contentment with working with the youth and being involved in the church. This too has kept me grounded.

Congratulations on your settlement! I am still trying to find a doctoral program that will meet my professional and personal needs. Like you, I enjoy learning and have so much more knowledge to gain. I appreciate the fact that you are providing optimal learning experiences for our young people. Your position is vital to the development.

My Reply:

I attend Boyd Hill Baptist in Rock Hill, SC when I am there on weekends and Bethesda missionary Baptist when I am in Georgetown, SC. Yes, my faith is very important to me. I am glad to hear the same for you. I have not met many people here that really feel that way.Talking of my faith I also read the bible everyday and I do a devotional every morning in my office. I even have Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year. The women at church and I we have an unofficial faith book club.

I love working with kids too. I mostly tutor and sometimes have classes with young females on what it means to be a god fearing woman, respecting yourself and making good choices. It is amazing I do the same for the school system too.

Fedrick thanks for the kind words about my position. I really love working with the students exploring careers . Actually I did this job at York Tech in Rock Hill when I first started teaching.

I definitely believe in gaining knowledge. I hope you have a good day.

Principal Reply:

Someone gets to work before! I am reading Joel Osteen's Becoming A Better You. He is so profound and I do the same as you in the morning. Most of my "christian" friends are older than me and many of my friends are not even in Georgetown; but I am blessed with a good family and lots of cousins! They keep me grounded and sane. This Saturday we are getting together and having dinner.

Maybe we do we can do lunch (lol)? I would love to know more about your schooling, etc.

My reply:

Good Morning,

This is my first break from virtual shadowing. Yes, I'll have lunch with you. Just let me know when and where.

It sounds as though you have a wonderful close family. That is good. I guess you will be eating lots of good soul food this weekend. :-)


Principal reply:

Let me know what day next week is good for you so I can arrange it on this end. I like Palmetto Kitchen but we can go someplace else.

I am very close to my cousins; but our interests are not the same.

Based on what you read, what do you make of this exchange? Is this a business meeting? Is he interested?

Hello and thanks for using!

I think he may be... There's a lot of personal detail here and much more than one would typically share with a business associate (particularly when it comes to religious beliefs). The invitation to lunch (as opposed to dinner) is a good safeguard -- Easy to pass off as a business meeting if the interest / attraction doesn't continue beyond this exchange. It sounds as though you have a great deal in common! Enjoy your lunch and don't be afraid to suggest you get together again!
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