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my live in boyfriend has 2 kids by other women. his daughters

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my live in boyfriend has 2 kids by other women. his daughter's mother invited him to join them for dinner after a school play he is attending for his daughter at school . I feel like that is inappropriate and disrespectful to me. i don't mind the play its the dinner after that concerns me. am i over reacting? I feel he can take her out just the 2 of them the day after the play neither of us is sure which is the right thing to do . am i interfering in him being a father and is he crossing the line by going to dinner with them. i thimk its to intimate an portays them as a couple in public.
Hi, if you trust this man then there is no reason to worry, he is their father and it's a nice gesture and will make the child feel good. Once he became a father, he will always have a connection to this family, so as long as you are secure and trust him there is nothing to worry about at all. As far as being disrespectful to you I believe you need to look at it from another view, a positive one, he is taking responsibility and being a part of his children's lives and that is admirable in a person. Over reacting? don't think of it as something personal, it's not about you, it's about the kids and him being part of their lives.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


i understand that but trust is a issue with both of us. he has left his other babymomma to go back to his daughter's mom and vis versa between the 2 of them . she doesn't allow him to take her to his place he has to go to her house to see his daughter. i feel they already spend to much alone time together.

Hi, if you both have trust issues then you will not be comfortable with the relationship between him and his ex. I would suggest you both work these issues out in therapy, you deserve to be comfortable with each other and trusting.
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