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I met a man on an online dating site and we have been in contact

Resolved Question:

I met a man on an online dating site and we have been in contact with each other for the last year. We have met and gone out several times and I believe that we have strong feelings for each other, but just quite recently, he went back on the dating site we met on. Our relationship has not been defined yet, however we have been intimate. I did let him know that I knew and didn't understand why he went back on...but also understand since there is no true definition of the relationship. He has never been married, and I recently became divorced...any advice would be appreciated as to how I should proceed.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello L,
Based upon what you have written, decide what you are comfortable with and proceed from there. For example, since there is no definition to your relationship, would you prefer to hold off on being intimate until you can decide where your relationship is going? Do you want to get to know him better? Or does it not matter to you that he may date others and/or be intimate since your relationship has no definition? Decide the answers to questions such as the above along with what you would like to happen in this potential relationship so that you know which direction to take. Once you have the answers to your questions such as the ones above, then have a honest conversation with your friend and share your thoughts with him and both of you decide what you want to do next concerning the development of your relationship.
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