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My ex has been calling me, but I dont want to talk to him

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My ex has been calling me, but I don't want to talk to him anymore. We have a grown daughter; we were never married. He doesn't have a decent relationship with our daugter; we used to have discussions about her. He's married to someone else. He's told me he still loves me and he even called me on Valentine's Day to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. Since then, I've decided to distance myself from him because I'm very interested in someone else and I want to move on. I haven't taken any of his recent calls. What to do? Thanks!
Hello Shelley,
Have you shared with him that you are not interested? If not, I would suggest letting him know (in your own words) that you are not interested and have moved on. Plan to talk to him when you will have time to discuss this delicate issue with him. If you are comfortable seeing him, then it would be a good idea to have this conversation with him face to face in a public venue. However, if you are not comfortable doing it this way for any reason, then you could call him and have the conversation. Also, if you care about him on a platonic level, you could share this with him when you speak to him. Have a honest conversation with him and think ahead of time what you will say to him and whether or not you want to remain platonically in touch with him beyond any interaction with your daughter which he may have. Being honest with him is also the best way to be true to yourself.
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