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My wife and I are seperated, trying to work things out. I found

Resolved Question:

My wife and I are seperated, trying to work things out. I found out she had a date, nothing happened physically, but it happened. Then she told me that I had to move out to give her space. I recently found that she has been talking to young men in other countries on line. The content was very sexual, and she told men she loved them. This I found out has been going on for months. We were supposed to be working things out I said to here. She replied that nothing was going to happen between here and her on line relationships. She also said it makes her feel wanted. I consider that cheating. She is mad at me for snooping and finding this out. I knew she was hiding this from me so I had to find out for myself. Please advise.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Drushing,
Based upon what you have written, I would recommend going to couple's therapy because you both have a lack of trust in each other based on each other's actions. A therapist could help you both understand why you each did and do the things you have and then help you both move beyond the offenses into reconciliation. Your feelings about your wife cheating on you are valid but she does not respect them and brushes your feelings off, which is another reason going to therapy would be helpful due to it allowing you both to work through all of the issues in your relationship. Communication, respect, and honesty are vital for relationships to continue in a healthy and positive manner. Also, a book I recommended to my clients to help them understand relationships on the internet, which they found helpful, can be found here
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