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Im confused about my sexuality. I naturally find myself checking

Resolved Question:

I'm confused about my sexuality. I naturally find myself checking out most women but whenever I have had sex with a woman I've found it disappointing. I like the idea of having sex with women and will masturbate about it however when it comes to reality I don't find women's sexual organs that appealing. I don't naturally check out most men however now and again a man will catch my eye. I have indulged in sexual play with other men about 4 - 5 times and have enjoyed it however it always feels like a walk on the wild side and not something I'll do again. I've thought about coming out but feel like I'd be lying as I still enjoy checking out women and like to imagine one day getting married to a woman. I'm 33 and feel by now I should be more sure of my sexuality.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Timmy,
Based upon what you have written, it sounds like you could be attracted to both men and women but mainly you only feel sexually stimulated and satisfied with men. If this is the case then you could be gay, however, please don't get caught up to much with the labels. Society in general tends to be very homophobic so that could be why at the age of 33 you are not sure. Then there is the issue of how loved ones and friends will react, which could also play a part as to why you are not sure. It does sound like you are sure that being sexual with men is satisfying to you, so continue to do that which is natural and satisfying for you. Also, when you meet the person that is right for you, you will have no doubt about it because that person will stimulate you sexually and you will enjoy having sex with that person.
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