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I was in a rollover accident a few weeks ago. I was with three

Customer Question

I was in a rollover accident a few weeks ago. I was with three other comedians returning home from a show during bad weather. I had to be cut from the van and spent a bit of time in the ER and all that was the issue was some glass and a fractured shoulder blade. After i was released from the hospital i had no car and was an hour and a half away from home. i had to wait until the wrecker opened so i could retrieve what was left in the car. My husband was completely indifferent to the accident as we are having problem to say the least. The triage nurse was my knight in shining armor, he took my brain out of the situation, he let me use his cell phone to contact my out of state family and offered to pay for my rental car. At the time i knew i didn't even want to get dropped out of the car with him. I had an instant sexual attraction to this medical professional who was doing me a favor. Now, a few weeks later, we are in a very sexual texting habit. is this normal to have these feelings?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Jen,
Based upon what you have written, it is normal to feel sexual attraction for another person even though you are married because you are human and especially in light of your current situation with your husband which is not satisfying your emotional needs and etc. What you have to decide (so that you do not cause yourself or anyone else any emotional or mental pain) is what you are going to do with your current marriage. For example, are you going to stay in it? Are you going to leave? Are you and your husband going to get marriage counseling? Take some time and think about these questions when you are alone and also do this: I think you should make a list of pros and cons about your current marriage (-when you can do so quietly and uninterrupted). Carefully, weigh the pros and cons on the list and how each item affects you mentally, emotionally, and etc. along with weighing the answers to the questions I asked above. Then decide based upon the results of the list if it is best to continue or discontinue with your marriage. So take your time and do the list and see what your results are. After doing the list, I think you will have a greater idea of what direction you want your marriage to head in. Naturally, because you are married you feel guilty and shame because you are bonding in an intimate way with a person who is not your husband. So if you decide to continue your marriage, then you will need to end the sexual flirtation with the other individual in order for your marriage to have a chance at becoming healthy.