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my english writing is not that good, but my situation is that

Resolved Question:

my english writing is not that good, but my situation is that I have a boyfriend that move with ne two years ago and my two oldes kids didnt like the idea, the oldes my son just broke up with his fiance and move with me, my daughter 24 she was more okey,but she is more independent she just move out last week on her own, my boyfriend dont like yhay my son 30 is living with me and working part time like playing rock and not really moving even he is trying to find full time job. I beeing under some stress and I think I may over react. My boyfriend has change a lot with me and dont share much about him anymore, yesturday I was waiting for him afther his work and iask him if he was coming ne said no Im going with my cousing to celebrate my birthday. I got very sad and my reacciion was upset texting back to him, why he didnt invite me or let me know, he told me he was very busy and didnt know early about the invitation. when he came home I ask him to leave my house. not sure if is the best 4
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
Hello Numa,
Based upon what you have written, I think for now the best thing is for your boyfriend to leave your house as you have asked him to for the following reasons: 1). It seems as if he was coming between you and your son just a little bit. It is your choice and your business if you want your son to live with you, not your boyfriend's. Your boyfriend really doesn't have any say in the matter since it is your house and your son. 2). It also appears that your boyfriend doesn't really have regard for your feelings based upon him closing you out by not sharing with you and by disregarding how he has hurt you especially by not inviting you to go with him to the party. I think you should continue to take some time and make a list of pros and cons about your boyfriend (-when you can do so quietly and uniterrupted). Carefully, weigh the pros and cons on the list and how each item affects you mentally, emotionally, and etc. Then decide based upon the results of the list if it is best to continue or discontinue with your boyfriend. At the end of the list you may decide to continue with the relationship but to have your boyfriend get his own place or you may decide something completely different. So take your time and do the list and see what your results are.
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