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I had a relation with a girl for 2 years but I am unable to

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I had a relation with a girl for 2 years but I am unable to continue with her because she doesnt have a good psychosocial behavior. She is violent at times and never listens to anyone no matter what you say. She just insists on what she is asking. I am done with her and now i said I dont want to continue relation with her. But now she is blackmailing me to "reverse" the things what we have done in person. That is just reverse all the sexual activities we have done then I will quit. Else I will not quit and bother you and your family.
I am unable to make her understand, because she just sticks to these words and doesnt understand anything what I say........I am very depressed..what should I do...please help...
Stop interacting with her. You have told her you do not want to continue with her so it's over. If she becomes violent call the police . If she comes near you or your family tell them to call the police. She sounds very unstable but don't let her bully you or threaten you or your family. Do not speak to her at all, do not answer her calls, emails, texts whatever. You told her you do not want to continue seeing her, she is upset and doesn't know what to do so she will try to talk to anyone and threaten you. Warn your family in advance that she is acting out and may involve them. Tell them that no one is to speak to her or reply to her communications.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your response doctor. But it doesnt end that way. She is threatening me that she will put me in jail because when that started she was 17. She says she will blame me that I did everything on purpose and now I am ditching her. I just have no idea what to answer if she says "just reverse what is happened". She means she doesnt want all the things happened between us or she will put me in jail. If I do whatever she is asking to do, she will no more talk to me. Please as a psychologist give me an answer which I can give to her. Because its a strange question and I have no idea what made her to get that question. I think she is just thinking to give me a hard time. Please reply....
Hi, this is more of a legal issue if she is threatening you. You can't reverse something that is already done. I am not understanding what she wants. I think we are having a language issue and I'm sorry but I am a bit confused here. Where are you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ya even I am confused for what she is asking. Actually I am in United states and she is in India. Even she knows that what she is asking is impossible. But she is so mad that she doesnt know what she is asking. She just wants to give me a hard time. So she is threatening me to do that thing. What you got is absolutely right. She is just asking to reverse those things as she is feeling bad about it because I am no more with her. Please suggest me some reply to tell her to stop her think this way. She can be dealt psychologically but I am unable to deal with her. She is very stubborn and doesnt listen to what we say. Should I give her some time? I mean if I dont speak to her for few months will she be normal and lose these ideas from her mind? I am a doctor also but cannot deal with such psychiatric person.
Hi, I am not sure what will happen if you stop speaking to her for a few months her ranting should slow down and stop.. RIght now she is desperately trying to make you comply to her demands so I would suggest you just stop and cease any contact with her. If either of us could make sense of what she is asking for there may be a more concrete answer. I'd stay away and ignore. There isn't much she can really do from India easily if at all.
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