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Hello My wife is in a depression mode, i call it very hard

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My wife is in a depression mode, i call it very hard on herself and thinks she is screwed up
in the head she is on anti depresent and she will not go to the doctor because she thinks she is fine,she says that she just needs to work some stuff out in her head.
She usually comes out of this stage in about three weeks.and then we can talk about the issues at hand..
I have just recently started talking to her while she is sleeping telling her positive thougts
Like "you are beatiful, you are confident, you can work this out, I love you
do you think this is doing anything ???
I know I need to be patient i am just looking to make things easier and less stress . I am
definetley going to make appointment for counsler once we get back on track any input is good input and i am very open to suggestions
thank you Lonnie
Hello Lonnie,
It is definitely doing good that you are telling her positive statements, so please keep that up even if she doesn't respond to it. Also, I was going to suggest counseling but I am glad that you are already planning to do that. In the meantime would your wife be open to going to a support group? Support groups are structured differently than a counseling session and consists of other people who are also struggling with depression. A depression support group could be very beneficial to your wife. You could also look for a support group for people such as yourself who love people that are depressed as it will help you emotionally. You can check your local phone book and search online for depression support groups in your area; many are free. Lastly, here is a toll free number that your wife can call to talk to a counselor for free and she can do so anonymously: 1800-784-2433. The phone number is XXXXX people who are in emotional distress to use whenever they want to; as you know depression is a type of emotional distress.
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