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ok so why does he say how does it feel he tells me i hurt

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ok so why does he say how does it feel ?? he tells me i hurt him i went to florida with a guy friend and he said he wanted to go but couldnt that day so my room mate which their best friends wanted to go too so we decided just meet me down there so i went with my vaction to orlando and they said they would call me when they reached orlando well my phone started roaming and his phone died so finally after 5 hrs trying to contact them they made it daytona beach they were not coming to orlando they said i hurt them i left them ... so one day before my vacation was over i get texts from my room mate which is a guy and likes me low key i really like him like that wants me to come there pick up my room mate and go pick up this girl he likes in ohio and come back to daytona beach and start our own vacation togeher so i drove to daytona the night before i planned to come there and to my suprise they were not there alone these 2 girls were there they came the day before me to party i got thinking the oppisite and james was drunk i was like i drove down here for this what aBOUT our plans oh i forgot to mention james was texting me 2 days before this telling me he was hurt and he wanted to start things on a another level when i get down there so here i am in daytona no where to sleep our plans obv changed and this girl wants me gone she picks a fight with me he asking me to come here talk to him than we talk he goes back to her and its like hes making it up to her because he was just showing me attention james asked me to move to florida with him and for us to take our friendship to another level so he was texting me for me to come back with my room mate and we move on.... well that didnt happen why did he do all this?? why am i so hurt ??? right now i am in ohio he is still having a vacation in fl and their coming home friday what should i do?? he kept saying when i was there hows it feel?? saying i started this by taking a guy to florida so he said being with her makes it feel better i am in ohio non stop thinking of him and her i have never had these feelings where are they coming from?? why now?? i have regrets like why isnt he here ?? its like i had plans to go on vacation and they were suppose to meet me up there but they did their own thing and their excuse is i hurt them by leaving them ...can we be more ?? would u say we like eachother??

H jamien,

I think he's texting when he's drunk, and that you're taking it too seriously, like he's pouring out his heart. What you need to look at is if YOU like him. If you do, tell him and see what he says. Then see if his words and actions click. If not, move on. Don't cover it all up in drama - figure out YOUR feeling.


If you would, please fill out the feedback form after accepting. I appreciate this opportunity to help you out today. If I can be of further service to you, just put "for Anna" in the front of your new question, and I'll be the one to answer it.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok i do like him and can he still like me after having that girl up there with him in florida?? and if i talk to him should i tell him over the phone that i like him?? but he keeps saying that i invited this girl down here because i dint wanna be played like a FOOL but we were not together and i didnt know he liked me more than just friends...

Sure he can still like you. You should tell him over the phone so that he knows where you stand.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what if that girl is up there?? should i still she lives down here too i feel like i am up against competition she stayed i left because i was uncomftable so didnt he play me ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

should i still tell him i like him even tho he is up in florida with her and how shoudl i break it to him of what we did we both were in the wrong but lets move on i him and i do wanna be with him ??? she lives Down here too she staYed up there and still vacationing with them and i left becasue i was jelouS and hurt ..

Hey Jamien,

This is getting too deep for this Q & A format - we're not supposed to go into a blog format with customers. You're welcome to post as many questions as you wish, but not all on the same thread.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
oh i didnt know sorry if u could please answer that should i caLL HIM WITH HER THERE? I WILL BE DONE AND PAY

Yes, I'd ignore her and talk to him about how you feel and what kind of relationship you're interested in.

Good luck with him!

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