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Dr.G., Psychologist
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i had a girl tell me she stpoped all communications and then

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i had a girl tell me she stpoped all communications and then 2 weeks later said she was sorry and just texted me with:are you still mad at me? are you still mad at me? my answer :no i never was ru there I received 20 messages all at once my phone is weirding out: Goodnight call when you can her answer: Ok I dont want things to be weird between us. my ? to you: want? is she telling she doesnt like me or what?
I can't understand the question. Can you please be a little clearer?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I like this girl she younger than me 15 yrs younger , I'm divorced have been for 6 yrs or more? Dated once for 2.5yrs thought we would be together forever , she left after she came into a large sum if $. , I didn't go into another relationship , I chose to ask God to heal me first , and then when I was ready,
this girl I became attracted to after the year w/o a relationship, I am interested in her , the age worried me a little, but I thought of nothing else we could be friends and maybe more if it came!
We communicate by text, for a while and I found out she liked some else, a friend of mine, and was also getting very cklose to a divorce!, should be final now! My grind doesn't like her , but I do. She said that people she liked didn't like her , I told her she was capacible of being loved, she showed up one time after out of nowhere at a function I was at??? Something was up but nothing happened! Me I think!
We texted alot after this and one day I told her I liked her, she said she knew! I also told her I could easlily fall in love with her( for her) in a conversation she told me she thought I was crazy. And that I was not fortright the she texted back and said she was stopping all firms of. Communication and did, in return I did the same, she texted ne yesterday and ask me if I was still mad at her , my reply was I never was, that's when she cane back with reply : Ok I. don't want anything weird between us? My answer theirs not ? My ? I would like to go forward but don't knows how are even if I should?
Well it is obvious that she was weirded out by what you told her and she must have thought the best thing was to cut everything off with you. But the big question is where does she stand on the matter of liking you or not? If you want to go forward I say absolutely go for it. But at the same time before you make any more moves I would talk with her about her feelings on the relationship. What does she want between the two of you? Does she have the same feelings? How did she feel hearing what you told her? So go forward with it because you will never know how it will turn out unless you do. But first get more information from her before you take the next step. This will probably help clarify what your next move will be. If she says she doesn't like you well then you know not to press the issue much further. If she has similar feelings then you know you can take it a step further. Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That surprises me , after what I said that you would suggest gettingvwith her to ask about were we would be at ir what does she want from this relationship, I thinkni may lose her this way , however I like the aggressiveness it does seem the quickest way to get to an answer , if she doesn't won't anything weird between us , this could do it ?it's sounds like too me I m the one that afraid of the truth, so I will do as you say! Better to know
Good that you are going to move forward with this. Now hit the accept button please. :)
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