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Ive split up with partner of 5 months but I am concerned about

Resolved Question:

I've split up with partner of 5 months but I am concerned about him. He has good job but lives alone, has no close friends or contact with family after family breakdown & paternal bullying. He had a son 13 years ago but after getting divorced agreed to allow another man to adopt his son so has no contact. We fell in love but he is very controlling & angers easily (not violent - more like tantrums) .He is sensitive to any slight or rejection or perception of those. We got engaged after 6 weeks (I felt too soon). He admits to being insecure and would love to settle down and have family, but seems to have trouble keeping relationships. I have the maturity to see why but despite offering to go to counselling with him, he refused as uncomfortable. He has mood changes (hyper/normal/sullen or angry). Although too difficult to stay in relationship, I do care and think he is not in a good place. He says my 'moods' cause problems although its me being quiet when he's difficult. Advice please?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 7 years ago.

Good Evening,


If you have noticed frequent mood changes he may have underlying Cyclothymic Disorder with Rapid Cycling (a bipolar spectrum disorder) However, someone who is depressed can also exhibit irritability/anger/social isolation etc.


Perhaps if he is not ready for counseling you could at least see if he'd be willing to be evaluated by a psychiatrist for medication. After that, you could again suggest the counseling at a later point.


If he is not willing to go to either evaluation, there is not much you can do except continue to be supportive/encouraging. You can also try to set some kind of an ultimatum with him (since you're still keeping in touch w. him)


Also, there is on line counseling. See if he'd be willing/open to try that for himself



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