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I often have rages over women that my husband keeps in his

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I often have rages over women that my husband keeps in his life secretly or money matters. First episode: A summer intern who I never met bluntly sent a greeting card to my home address and gave regards XXXXX XXXXX two daughters and my husband without mentioning a word about me (18 years ago). I saw her and my husband having lunch but was not introduced to her. The woman recently invited my husband and my girls (now college students) to her Belgium home but my husband denies being in contact with her. 2nd case: my husband hangs out with a woman and visits her home in Tokyo while I am in Washington but tells me a different story. If I am upset & ask for explanation, am I normal or insane? He borrows a large sum of money secretly and forces repayment out of our joint account. He is expecting a big pension money but avoids talking about what to do with it. We had lost all my pension money in failed businesses. If I talk about these issues to my college girls, is it wrong? Thank you.

Good Afternoon,


You may not want to burden the your daughters about this. This is an issue b.w you an him. It does sound that his behavior is somewhat odd (couples ought to share things b/w each other) You have a right to inquire about his behavior and he out of respect if nothing else should be honest and let you know about it.

It is also somewhat out of character for the woman to ignore you and not invite you or include you as that is quite disrespectful (but some people are like that) you can not assume that they are having something going on unless you find solid evidence.


As far as being angry, try to remain composed when you talk to him or confront him, otherwise he may try to use it as an excuse of not giving you info and may say that you're taking it too emotionally.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much. I was writing from Tokyo. Due to time difference, I had to go to bed while waiting. Your answers are most helpful.