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I have been dating someone for 10 months, I have two children

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I have been dating someone for 10 months, I have two children and early on he told me that he does not want step children because it will mess up a family. He wants a family of his own one day. I respected it and left it alone and just asked that if we continue to date, that we only have sex with each other. He agreed.

The other day, I felt something different and asked to see the pics on his cell phone. He was very hesitant and said "hold on let me see them first" and did something with his phone, I'm pretty sure he deleted something. Then he said he would show me anything if I let him hold the phone. He scrolled through his messages only till a certain point. And then fought with me about why I want to see his phone so bad, I also offered mine in exchange. I know men like their privacy but this just didn't seem right.

Am I imagining this? Or does he have something else on the side? I don't know how to let go of this man, I am very attached.

My guess he has something else going on. But the rules of this relationship were outlined in the beginning and now you are breaking them. He told you upfront that he didn't want someone with children. You agreed to that and both of you agreed just to have sex. Now you are changing the rules and want to get into trust issues and wondering who else he is seeing. That is not right on your part. If it is just a sex relationship then leave it at that. It is not your business if he is seeing someone else. If you two are exclusive then you have a right but like I said before you both agreed just to have sex.
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