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My boss is getting really mad at me and i feel horrible. We

Resolved Question:

My boss is getting really mad at me and i feel horrible.?
We have been getting alot of snow lately (like 6-10 inches) and i have to drive 35 mins. to work (on a good, clear day) on country roads.
There has been 2 times i have not been able to get to work.
Today she got angry that I called in, there is 6 inches of snow, and the road i drive on is not even plowed..there were two people in the ditch in a half mile, and it was fairly slippery.
She told me today "You can't just not show up every time it snows, we can't be a Business that way".
Believe me i feel horrible about not coming in but i'm very scared of driving in the snow, especially because it's very slippery today.
I have only had my license less than a year...
Is it wrong of me to not go in? I feel horrible and i'm scared i'm going to get fired!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 7 years ago.
Hi and welcome,

I would suggest that you sit down with your boss and let her know that you feel badly about being snowed in and that you are looking for alternate ways to handle the situation. You are very wise not to drive on unplowed, unsafe roads and being a new driver ever more so. If there is someone you work with that lives closer to the job maybe you can arrange to stay with them when a storm is predicted. I do not think it is wrong not to go in if it's impossible to drive safely. I am sure you'd rather be safe and alive then employed and in a car accident. You need to explain this to her. She is probably frustrated that the snow is affecting employees from coming in and getting the work done.
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