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I have been with a girl for the past 8 years and during the

Customer Question

I have been with a girl for the past 8 years and during the first 2 years, it was like a normal relationship. However, she later decided that we must not have pre marital sex and because I love her alot, I respected her choice. Now, what happened was that the year after tht I moved to Cambridge where I met another girl. It was meant to be a short term thing which eventually went on for a while. I cheated on my girlfriend and it didnt take her long to figure out what had happened.
Since then, I found out that she's been talking to other guys without mentioning anything about them until I bring up the conversation.
Now I understand that one would feel that it is because I have cheated in the past, I fear I'll be cheated upon.
This is not the case.
She has mentioned the fact that there are time when she wants to cheat on me too but she loves me too much not to do it.
Should I trust her knowing she's been acting strange lately
There are still things left unsaid by me. Should i tell her?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.


Something fishy is going on and you're picking it up. Trust your gut on this one. You don't feel secure. Tell her the truth about how you feel, because its things like this that will end a relationship. Maybe she never recovered from your cheating, maybe she's using that as an excuse, maybe she doesn't know her feelings but is acting out the betrayal. Its hard to tell. Put your cards on the table-if you're looking at this relationship long term it seems you have been) then this is the time to clear the air.

My best to you.

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