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He was the first relationship following my divorce (both married

Resolved Question:

He was the first relationship following my divorce (both married previously 17yrs). We meet in March, engaged in May, married in July of the same year. His relationships previous to me ended up in him cheating. He left his wife and went right into a relationship with a single woman w/o kids. He dated her for approximately 2-3 yrs and ended up cheating on her with a married woman with two children. He had online encounters with women and met women on the side during these relationships. He has a temper that scares me and the kids. Has hit me, spit on me but assures me it'll never happen again and he loves me. My relationship with my children is strained as I no longer spend all my time with them. I have little faith or trust in him due to his past and lack of faithfulness. Scared I jumped in to fast yet care deeply for this man. Do I move on and find myself or stay and try to make it work? I am ready to get off the roller coaster ride of emotions I experience in this marriage.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Keane replied 7 years ago.
Hi and welcome,

I will tell you that the man you married is not only abusive but he is a serial cheater. He is probably not capable of having a normal relationship. Look at his history. The fact that your relationship with your children is strained speaks volumes. Marriage is built on trust, you can't trust this guy and you and your children are suffering. He is a bully and you need to provide safety for you and your kids. If you stay and work on it, you will only be setting yourself up for more pain and suffering. I believe you know what you need to do, since you are ready to get off the roller coaster. He is abusive and you are in a dangerous situation. Please take action and protect you and your children.
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