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Dr.G., Psychologist
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hi, how are you my girlfriend broke up with me about 3 months

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hi, how are you? my girlfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago and recently she has been contacting me, she had her 7 year old son call me, then just yesterday she text me and said you want to hear a funny, i text back and said yes. she called me and told me what was happening. see i want to be back with her and love her deeply. once i stop calling her she started contacting me. why? why is she doing this. i feel if she didnt want to be with me she wouldnt call me at all. im confused so much and need someones help and do not know where to turn. see about 2 weeks ago when her son called i talked to her and ask if she would like to go out to dinner she said no, so then i dont call her no more and she calls me again, she gives me that hope everytime she does that. why? dont you think if someone didnt want anything to do with you and it was over she wouldnt call at all. very cunfused and heart broken in nj, tommy
Hi there and yes you are in a very confused situation in which you get mixed signals. The only way I see this thing between you and her getting resolved is if you outright ask her what is going on. Tell her you are getting mixed signals from her and that this confuses you as to her intentions. Ask her what her feelings are and where does she see this relationship going. You best way to get unconfused is to get more information and she is your best bet. You can tell her how you feel about being in love and see if this changes things for her. But definitely you need clarification as to her intentions and how she views the relationship. Once you get more info then you make your move in the appropriate direction. Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi, i wrote this long letter,stating i apologize if i hurt. then i said i am going to tell you how i feel and what i miss about you,then i said im going to tell you where i am headed. after i went into this long long letter on all the little things that i miss about her.i also said in the letter i would love nothing more then to work it out. so at the end i told her where i am headed. i said if you donot want to work it out i ask you to please stop calling me and contacting me because it will be to hard for me to get over you. i told her god has a plan for me and i wish the plan was you , but if its not the only way for me to move on is if you stop contacting me, as much as i dont want her to, i feel i cant move on unless i know what she is up to. do you agree with me sending this letter? i dont want to lose her , but i cant live like this, the not knowing is killing me, i feel she just keeps me hanging on until she is ready. please help i truly appreciate your first answer so much. tommy
Absolutely send her the letter. You need to let her know where you stand and what your plan is with or without her. I would also put in the letter that you would like a reply to discuss it just to get her take on things. Then you can make your move.
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