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In the past 5 years i have had a lot of unpleasent experiences

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In the past 5 years i have had a lot of unpleasent experiences with girls i have liked or been in relationships with, all 3 girlfriends i have had cheated on me, girls who i liked didnt like me back, which is fair enough! The most recent girl i was really keen on, she told me many times she liked me back, we met up and kissed and had fun a lot but she didnt want to get into a relationship because we lived too far away (it was only an hour) and that i was a little bit too old (i am 5 years older than her) yet a few weeks after saying that she was in a relationship with a guy who was older than me and who lived further away!
Ever since this girl a year ago, i havent been interested in any girl at all, i find them attractive, i enjoy their company, and some girls have really liked me, but its like i am blocked from liking anybody because i know i am going to get hurt. My dad left when i was 7 so i am shut off now from getting too close to anybody special. How can i get over this
Sounds like you run into a string of bad luck. And yes I am not going to read too much into it except to say that the 3 girls must not have any morals. I wouldn't ask what's wrong with you but rather what is wrong with them. There is always the possibility to get hurt in a relationship but that is why we take the gamble. If you want to take the time then I would suggest looking for patterns in your relationships. How did you meet them, what attracted you to them, any similarities amongst them, etc.... Once you identify a pattern then try something different. Go against the grain. I wouldn't point the finger at yourself just yet since it has only been three girls. Well I just reread the question and you said they didn't like you back so that might be your answer there. If they don't like you then they are not committed to you. You are going to have to take that risk many more times before you find the right one. You have gotten over he hurt before and you are still here; so you can get over it again. Good luck.
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