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My ex-fiance and I have been on and off for a while and trying

Resolved Question:

My ex-fiance and I have been on and off for a while and trying to patch things up. Somewhere along the line in our relationship we agreed that we would have seperate friends. He has many friends and, aside from the friends I made in his, I have none. I recently was excluded from an event and he brought up the fact that we had made that decision a long time ago. I knwo he is right about that, but not having friends has started to do its toll on me and being excluded is not the way I want things to be anymore. I have made up ficticious friends so that he wouldnt think I was a complete loser that was incapable of making or keeping friends. How can I express to him that I need to be more involved in his life and not feel so seperate from all his events. Keep in mind that I used to go along with the deal we made and pretend shop with non-existant gfs until now all of the sudden I want to be apart of his circle.. please help! I am very sad and depressed :o(
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.

Hi abashaw,

You need to just come clean and stop living the lie. Of course you're sad with this way of life! Anyone would be. You need to tell him that you've changed your mind. Thats all there is to it: people change their mind all the time. If he acts like that is a deal breaker, then you need to read the writing on the wall and see this for what it is: he can either include your or not, but he's fully aware of his choice. If he isn't willing to include you, you have to let the relationship go, or hang onto the crumbs. This is not a good situation for you, and you deserve nothing short of a full relationship.


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