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Dr.G., Psychologist
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hi me an my partner have been going out now for 9 years i am

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hi me an my partner have been going out now for 9 years i am 28 an she is 24 we normally have sex twice a week but lately its just not been working i have tried all the romance stuff flowers dinner making time to relax together but we only do it in the missionary position when we try anything else it dosnt really work an my partner gets upset an i loose erection dont really no what to do getting really frustrated can you help please thanks
What do you mean it doesn't work when you try other positions? Is there stress in your relationship? Do you still have feelings for her? Have you guys talked about it and what was concluded?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
we just seem to fumble about an get no were no we are not really stressed but yes there is stress yes i love her very much yes we do talk about it a little but the conclusion is always the same it just dosnt work
Getting frustrated during intercourse is going to throw all the romance out the window. So keeping calm is going to be key. Might I suggest having an extended period of foreplay so that you can ease into the intercourse and it may take the pressure off of performing. It also wouldn't hurt to be affectionate in other ways besides sex. Also, don't be pressured into having sex 2 times a week. Do it when both of you are in the mood. I think being more affectionate and it not always leading to sex is going to be your best approach. If all else fails, try connecting with a sex therapist and maybe you can get more advice.
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