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Hi, My girlfriend dump me 2 weeks ago. Out of the blue.

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My girlfriend dump me 2 weeks ago. Out of the blue. She suffers from depression and the reson she said was that after a year of dating she gets restless and she called off our relationship. I love her so much. She said she sudenly doesn't ahve any feeling for me but last time when I saw her she said that but her body lenguage was saying something complitely differen.I haven't contact her because I don't what for her to run away so what should I do.I worte to her and email saying I love her and she can always count on me no metter what and I'm here for her if she wants to talk, support, or help.What to do? Should I call her or what?We haven't talk in 2 weeks and I'm trying to be positive but still I feel confused.

Hi Hipdivo,

I think you're doing the right thing, and it's very wise of you. It is confusing to get dumped. After 2 weeks, it would probably be a good thing to call her and see how she's doing. This may really be the end of the relationship, and if it is, you need to let yourself heal by moving on. Face the sadness and loss so that you can eventually move on to a place where you'll feel loved and safe in the committment.

During the call, you might want to check in with her that she is getting treated for her depression, which can make a person unable to feel good feelings like love and tenderness. They can also forget the good times and only feel sad things. If she isn't seeing a doctor about it, suggest that she go and offer to help her.

Best wishes to you.

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