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My husband cheated on me beacuse he thinks i dont love him

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My husband cheated on me beacuse he thinks i dont love him coz i was too busy with something else than cuddle with him and he thinks i dont want to have sex with him anymore, he was guilty of the affir he did hegot panis attacks thats why he was able to tell me that he have cheated plus he is said he is inlove with the woman, it happenend so fast now, he is living to another apartment and i said to him i want to save our marriage we have a child, he said he wants to be by himself for a while and he wants to know what he wants, when he said about the cheating he said he loves me now only as a friend, and a ouple of this ago i called him and said if we can try to work it out again but he said again he still doesnt know what he wants but he still like me, do you think i ahve still the chance to save my marriage?

Hi secret garden,
He may be so confused right now that he can't really tell you if he wants to work on it or not. I would give him a little bit of time and then ask again. In the meantime, it would be good for you to find a counselor and go to a session so that if he decides he does want to work on it, you'll have some help right away.

Sometimes a man wants to leave but doesn't want to "hurt" his family. He might not be able to really understand how much he is hurting you right now, and another woman can really distract him.

If he wants to, a counselor can help you both set this separation up so that it can help the marriage - if he is willing. If he isn't, you need to really believe him and start the process of letting go. Your child will need your strength right now, so make sure you keep as much "normal" as possible while all this is going on - it will help you also.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i cant belive that our 3 and half of marriage will just diaapear, we have benn together for almost 8 years, i really want to save the marriage h said he wwanst to save his marriage too but right now he cant decide what he wants he said he wants to make sure that saving the marriage is what he wants, but i have a diffrent i dea in mind i want to win him back,by starting being friends with him again, do you this is a good idea, about counseling, i ask him he did reply when i ask him we do counselling.

I think it's a good idea to be friends and try to find what worked well for the both of you in the past. He is confused right now. Give him some time to think about the counseling. I wouldn't give up hope on your marriage.

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