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I get turned on by plain clothing such as regular white cotton

Customer Question

I get turned on by plain clothing such as regular white cotton panties and long skirts, but my wife prefers black underwear and pants and it is causing us trouble in bed and I am wondering what steps I can take to solve this.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.


You're full of good questions today! :)

The while cotton panties thing is a very common fetish. In Japan, you buy used ones in vending machines, it's so popular. But, back to you and your wife. Perhaps you can pack a set and a long skirt into a box and wrap it. Take her out for a special dinner and romance her. When you get home or back to the hotel, let her open the box and encourage her to dress up in the outfit. Be very encouraging and give her lots of compliments. Make it part of the whole connection with her - part of intimacy, so that she feels beautiful for you and wants to share herself and your fantasy together.

If she's really not into it normally, she may feel like you're just wanting her to dress up so that she'll be more like someone else, not herself, and that can be a turn-off. Let her know that it's her you want, not just for her to be the barbie doll in your fantasy.

As I've said before, if she says no and means it, you've got to accept her answer out of respect for the relationship. Ask her to really consider it because it means alot to you.
She may not wear the cotton panties and long skirts on a regualar basis, but she may be willing to comprimise in this way.


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