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Im advised to leave a certain girl but she keps calling me

Resolved Question:

I'm advised to leave a certain girl but she keps calling me Huggy Bear etc, and sending me lots of hugs and kisses on text and email. Like, she is very loving. However, I she is a bit unkempt and has a rotten tooth for which I gave a 1,000 to deal with it. She didnt deal with it and spent the money on bills ( or drugs for all I know ). Should I forgive that, or take it a lie and move on.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Angela replied 7 years ago.
I think in your situation that you deserve to know how the woman really feels about you. You deserve to know if this person is just appearing to be loving to get your money or if the woman really cares about you as a friend. Do you know this woman? If the answer is yes, then think about how you met her and whether she has been an associate of yours or even a true friend to you. Has this woman been able to reciprocate to you in your time of need by your standards of friendship? Has this woman been loyal to you as a friend? If you do not deem her to be an associate or even a true friend, then I would recommend not spending anymore money on her until you deem her to have prooven herself to you as a friend. If on the other hand you do not know this woman and you just met her via cyberspace, etcetera, then I would certainly slow things down and not give any more money until you deem her to be worthy of your friendship. Friendship is a two way street where each person prooves himself/herself to be loyal to the other person based upon mutual respect for that person. Friendship is not something where one person is constantly taking something (money, time, etcetra,) from the other person. Friendship is a two way street based upon equal respect and loyalty. Evaluate your answers to the above questions and hopefully you will then be able to better decide if you should leave the woman or allow her to stay in your life. Additionally, after evaluating your answers to the above questions, I recommend discussing with the woman any concerns that you have (-preferably face to face) in a calm and undistracting environment so that you can have your concerns answered by the woman in question. Hopefully, doing the above will provide you with a clear answer as to wether the woman should stay in your life or no longer be apart of your life.
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