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My ex husband and I are working on reconciling our relationship.

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My ex husband and I are working on reconciling our relationship. He wants me to work a company event with him this year. He worked this event with the coworker he was having an affair with last year. They walked around after and enjoyed the free drinks, food and music together. Should I do this with him this year? I have mixed emotions about this. Need advice pls.

Why not? Even if she is there, he is with you now. This could be his way of saying to you, look it's you I want to be with . I understand the event itself may have caused your some pain but that's in the past, let it go and stand proud and have fun. If you get anxious just tell yourself that you two deserve the chance to fix your relationship and if this is part of the process then so be it. Women tend to ruminate over the past while for men, it's hey, over..move don't worry about anything but having a good time.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX I will ruminate less and have fun!

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