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i ve been dating this guy for 6months and we broke up like

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i ve been dating this guy for 6months and we broke up like four months ago and we live in the same apt. complex. He broke up with me to be with his ex girlfriend. There's time when i bumped into them and i just ignore them and act liked i dont know him.And there will be time i just bumped into him only but when we crossed path he stares at me for a long time. One time he had his cousin checked up on me.Is he still interested in me or he 's playing games?

No matter what he's doing, you shouldn't go there. He broke up with you to get back with his ex and now he's with her and giving you the eye? The guy can't make up his mind. You'd never trust him to stay with you if you got him back. Besides all that, he might just be curious. At worst, he's playing her by making her jealous of you. My recommendation: pass on by.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what do you mean by he was curious? And why would he used me to make her jealous if he chose to go back to her? And another thing I found very strange when there 's time i will leave a certain room, ten mins later his cousin enter in. Supposedly his cousin was his wing man. Why would he send his cousin over and pretend like hes just happen to bump into me too?
1. just curious...sometimes people look up their ex just to see what they're doing.

2. Men like to have women fight over them sometimes, or to feel them try really hard to win their attention.

3. He's messing around with you because he isn't able to make up his mind. That in no way means 'true love' or anything like that. Guys can be curious and not emotionally attached very easily.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok here s the thing i still have feeling for him and im trying to move on but the memories kept crawling back to my mind. There s several times i tried to attempt calling him but afraid i might not get the answer that i wanted. And plus i know he has a gf so I kindof stop myself. I was going about my days but when seeing him staring at me and acting strange around me lead me to this feeling again. Should I act upon it and tell him how i feel or should i just let it be?

Be kind to yourself: let it be. Move forward, not backward. He has a gf. Let yourself off the hook.

I need to close out this question as it's turned into many more. :) Please leave feedback after accepting - I appreciate it.

Be kind to yourself.

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