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I am in a de facto relationship now with an Australian and

Resolved Question:

I am in a de facto relationship now with an Australian and we been in a relationship for nearly 3 years, this time am already in Australia for good and he asked me to sign a prenuptial agreement if i will not sign he will end up our relationship... what should be the best decision for me to do? To end up our relationship is a bit hard for me as I am only depending his support as he is my sponsor and if i will sign also I am worried that he will leave me anytime as he did the same thing before with his previous partner.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.


Two things come to my mind: what does the prenup say? Is there anything objectionable in it for you? Is it one sided?

You're in a precarious situation right now. Can you really say no? If you can't really say no, then your 'yes' answer really isn't a yes, is it? Can you extract yourself from his support so that you're on stronger footing? If not, then you've probably already made your decision by default and will have no choice to sign.

If he's abandoned one woman, he knows how to do it, and he knows he can do it. You have to believe that is true. The circumstances can be different between the two of you, but don't kid yourself. Look at this with very bright lights - especially your behavior and your actions in how you got into this situation. You can only change your behavior. Think about what you want and think about trust. If you decide to go forward, do it with open eyes. All relationships take risks, but they can certainly be with open eyes.

If you love and trust him, then sign it. If you don't - then get out now and don't wast any more time - you can get out of the situation with determination if you choose. If you can't, then the decision is already made.


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