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my friend and i were once in at sexual relationship and then

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my friend and i were once in at sexual relationship and then we stopped doing those things and he decided that he really wanted to be free since we are in college and doing our own thing..and the problem that existed is that I found it hard to let him go as a boyfriend so to speak and he was constantly trying to reserve our friendship.and I was constantly pushing the issue. I wanted him to know that I was willing to let him free..but, I got my family involved and told my mom that he was staying out late and she was still under the assumption that we were together and she really doesn't understand our relationship..she is bipolar and she tells him things that hurts his feelings because she thinks hes hurting me by going out with other girls which is hurting me but I would rather work through the hurt than loose him as a friend..however, my friend told me that he wants to move out because he can't handle the mess thats going on..and I don't know what to do? i want to beg him to stay

Hi pm,

I'm sorry this is happening to you. Relationships can get very fluid sometimes...everthing mixing together and then it's just not right, but no one is sure how to make it better. You might want to ask him for a fresh start and forgiveness for your poor boundaries in the past. Tell him that you want to be respectful of yourself and him and that you will keep your private issues private from now on.

Then you're going to have to keep your word. It might be hard to let him go, but if you don't, you're going to lose all parts of the friendship. If he says he doesn't share the same relationship goal with you, you have to honor that. Accept it (no matter how difficult) and work on putting your attention elsewhere. Most guys hate drama.

Put your thoughts together - maybe even write them down before you speak with him again. Be calm and mature. It will go a long way to rebuild the trust between the two of you. If he still wants to go, you're going to need to let him. As hard as this sounds, when you look back 10 years from now, this will be a small part of your life. An important part: yes, but it will be seen as a step towards your future.

Take care and connect with your girfriends and your life. Be gentle with yourself.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks this is definitely what I needed. You deserve the payment.

You're most welcome.

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