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My ex and I had been together for 5 months, but because it

Customer Question

My ex and I had been together for 5 months, but because it was a long distance relationship, things started to fall apart after the 5th month. We separated, and shortly after she started seeing another (local) guy. I still cared for her deeply, we still talked casually throughout those months, but she never explicitly told me she was with this guy and she said she felt confused about what she wanted throughout that time. After being with the other guy for a month, she ended things with him and after coming back home, we immediately hit things off and got back together. The only problem is I'm having a hard time getting over the fact that she had sex with him once while they were together. She has been completely open and honest about every aspect of what was going through her head all these months. What can I do to let it go?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.


Forgiveness is going to be your key. Nothing but solid forgiveness.

Forgiving infidelity

These articles are more for someone who cheated during a committed relationship, but the principles are the same as your situation when you look at the feelings and issues of the one hurting now.

Here is how to do it: For 30 days - each and every day, start your morning out by praying for her and her wellbeing and happiness, ending with a mental picture of her and you saying, "I forgive you". Then mentally hug her and let the loving feelings wash over you. You may not get there on day one, but you will be there by day 30. This absolutely works.

I wish you well in your relationship. If I can help again, please let me know. If you would, please fill out the feedback box after accepting - I appreciate it.


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