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Rosemary S.
Rosemary S., Human-Svs/Counseling
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 6
Experience:  Masters in Human-Svs- Counseling.
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sir, i did a survey and did all that was asked to do and i

Customer Question

sir, i did a survey and did all that was asked to do and i have my conformasion number but now they are going back on what was given or they said will you only did half of this survey,will if you cant or you wont give what i did,then please tell me why you wont honor this because i did all of what i was told.and will you will then say you only did half of this will then give half of my $1000.00 dollars that would be $500.00 dollars.please i have been trying for almost 1or2 years to get this.PLEASE help me sirs and or mams.will wait on baited breath for your reply. angela akaSADEYES.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Rosemary S. replied 8 years ago.






Perhaps this would be a better question to send to the 'legal experts' at 'Just Answer.'


I would suggest you contact 'Just Answer' immediately, to see if this question would be better suited in their legal category. You can view their web site to learn on how to make 'customer service' or 'expert category' inquiries.


Also, perhaps you can contact the 'Bar Association' in your area, and request a lawyer who would specialize in this area of law.


If financial affordability is an issue, I would suggest you mention this when seeking a referral. Perhaps they can recommend an attorney, or a legal clinic they can send you to, that can assist you for a more affordable fee.


In addition, sometimes the Bar Association Referral Service will refer you to attorneys who will handle the case for free, (a.k.a. pro bono.)


If you should see an attorney in-person, be certain that you provide the lawyer with copies of all of the pertinent documents, such as the confirmation number you mentioned, etc...


I would suggest you begin contacting a lawyer immediately, as there may also be a 'time limit' on this type of a case also known as the 'Statute of Limitations.'


An attorney would be able to provide you with the specifics of the 'time limit' this type of a case would have, as well as how to best handle this matter, legally.


As stated above, this type of a question would probably be better answered by an attorney.


Good luck!, and best wishes.

Rosemary S.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided above, is general information only and is not intended to serve as a long, or short term, professional relationship. By providing the above information, I am not engaging in a 'relationship designee - client relationship' with you. The above information is only intended to provide general information. The fee that you may pay me, is for general information only. No part of this disclaimer can be reproduced, or copied, without the express consent of Rosemary S., the owner.