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Anna, Social Worker
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  29 years experience in addictions & mental health. I'll tell you my honest opinion.
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In relationships, how do you know when to break up with so

Customer Question

In relationships, how do you know when to break up with someone?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
Hi Holly,

If you're asking that question, it's time to figure out the answer. Draw up a list of what you like about it and what you don't. Ask someone who knows you for their opinion, and by all means, trust your gut most of all - it won't steer you wrong. Don't spend lots of time trying to deny your gut truths - it doesn't pay off in the end.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
At first my gut says let go, I'm better and I can find better, but I always end up deciding to stay. He is my first serious relationship, and I don't know if I can take the heartbreak. I'd rather just fix things, and roll with the punches instead of not having him in my life. I'm not sure if I'm staying for the right reasons, but for now I want to stay.

The problem now is he isnt answering my 3 phone calls or 2 text messages. I am having a difficult time sleeping...and I'm thinking negative thoughts. This is driving me CRAZY. Is it possible to talk about this further over chat or do we have to keep responding this way?
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
Hi Holly,
This is a question and answer format site, and I'll have to close it out after this post. If you want to ask another question, you can post one and if you want to request me, you can do it in the first line.."For Anna". I'm usually over in Mental Health, which is the quickest way to contact me.

You'll hurt more and longer if you settle for what is going on. It's better to go through the hurt and deal with it now than to be in a bad relationship. I know that sounds harsh, but it is really the honest truth. Google 'breaking up" and "ending relationships" to find sites that will help support you through the process - you can blog and chat for free with others going through the same thing, and you'll find that very supportive and encouraging. You can handle the heartbreak - everyone does. Five years from now you'll look back and be grateful.

Please fill out the little feedback form after accepting - it's very important to me.


Edited by Anna on 10/2/2009 at 1:00 PM EST

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