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I have been in a commited relationship for 9 months. I have

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I have been in a commited relationship for 9 months. I have asked him to stop calling and seeing the women he dated on websites. The problem is he is in a hiking group the woman is in and they go away for weekends. I found a pictures of them on his computer and they looked like they had a very romantic weekend on the beach & at the resturant with the group he had his arm around her. He never holds me that way he says he does not like public affection. He does not know I saw the pictures he showed me photos of his trip but not those. I am always telling him he is deceitful and sneaky when he does not tell me things he should. We are not young I am 64 and he is 70. He is very veer-al and amorous. We talk about being together for life & maybe marrying. He says she has no time for him and he is not interested in her. What should I do.
You're in a tough spot, because I hear you tell me that your gut knows he's not being honest with you or himself, and you know it. Then you listen to him and it seems confusing. You know what you know - he wants her. Listen to your gut here. Stop trying to convince HIM that he's sneaky and deceitful - believe it yourself. You don't trust him, and you've convinced me he's not trustworthy. I would get out - but you have to make that decision for yourself. Age is a factor here, but usually people get more honest with age, and I don't hear that happening with him. You deserve an honest, real, whole man - not to settle with a guy who wants someone else.

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