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When I was fourteen, I feel in love with a boy Ive known since

Customer Question

When I was fourteen, I feel in love with a boy I've known since kindergarten. We had a short relationship when we were sixteen. I told him I loved him, but he said he didn't feel the same towards me. It's been over ten years since we graduated high school. I moved across the country, had kids, went to college, and now have moved back to the east coast to go to grad school. I've never been married. I've tried to love other men, was even in a six year relationship, but I've compared everyone to him. I didn't know I was doing this until about a year ago. Thirty minutes of talking to him on the phone healed my heart from some absolutely terrible things that happened to my family. Now that I'm here, he tells me he loves me. There is no one else for me, and this realization scares me. I'm afraid I'll move too fast, or something will happen, and I'll lose him forever. I also feel ashamed that I've never gotten over him and treated at least one good man very badly because I was in denial.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr Rossi replied 7 years ago.

Good Evening,


What you have done is in the past. What is most important know is what you want to do hence forth?

A first love is hard to forger and it leaves an imprint whether subconscious like in your case (you are saying you've just recently realized that there is no one else that you want to be with) That can be an anxiety provoking situation.

It is unclear from the post if he is in a relationship himself with someone else (or if he had been married, had kids, etc) because in time all of these factors will come into play in your own situation should you and him decide to pursue a relationship.

You may want to engage in some soul searching and inner healing before any kind of a drastic change takes places in your life. Perhaps ask yourself the question of what will happen down the road if things don't work out?

It will be beneficial to consult with a relationship coach to help you clear your mind and sort your feelings out.

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