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Hi, I signed for eharmony dating site .I started to talk to

Resolved Question:

I signed for eharmony dating site .I started to talk to guy and we clicked strait away.The email was about everything and we fing we like to do some things,we travel to some countries,etc.....Basically there was special connection there.We lived 2 hours from each other and after 2 weeks of emailing he asked me to meet up.Unfortunately I have my parents over and been busy that I said nicely I would love to but maybe other time.We changed numbers and carry talking every day.He said he think about me everyday cant wait to get my email.Our conversation carry for 25days without missing 1 day to talk to each-other.Then one day I never got any respond for email or text.It felt strange to me why somebody would bother talk to you for 25days and then never respond only polite email.Any idea??????
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 7 years ago.


The only problem with those site are you can meet many people that you have something in common with and that may be the case with him, he may have met someone else that was more willing to meet him than you were and he may still be seeing that person now or he may have felt that you were brushing him off and wasn't really interested in him, what you need to do is to write him an email explaining why you couldn't meet him and also tell him how much you enjoyed his conversation and miss it. Ask him if you did anything to offend him and if so could he please explain what that was because you don't understand why you stopped communicating. This may be your only way of getting the answers that you need from him, either that or you just let it go and move on but that won't be easy for you to do because it's not everyday you find someone you click with and have so much in common with so don't let a misunderstanding get in the way of possible happiness.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for the replay,after few days of him not responding I send him finale little email,in my opinien very light and give him chance to replay again but nothing i god back
Email was:


I just want it to say hello and wondered how you doing.

It was really nice talking to you .My membership is going run out and if you ever in Edinburgh and want to meet for coffee you can reach on my mobile.
Otherwise I just wish you good luck to find what you looking for x

Again I never heard anything from him and feel I dont want to stalk him and he didnt replay this email eather then maybe there is something there what i dont undestand

Expert:  KimberlyF replied 7 years ago.


There could be many reason you haven't heard from him he may have given up on trying to meet anyone now or like I said before he may have found someone else and that is why he hasn't replied to you yet. What I would do is let it go and maybe move on and find someone that is more understanding when you cannot meet them. This is just a waste of time if you have written him several times with no reply.

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