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i was recently in jail for about 6 months. i thought my girl

Resolved Question:

i was recently in jail for about 6 months. i thought my girl was standing by me all the way. i found out now that she met a guy in line to visit me and went to dinner with him. she bught tickets to a concert for them to go but ended up not going due to him having a friend commit suicide. she said she kissed him after dinner and that was it. there was also another guy at work that she planned on going to another concert with and staying ina hotel with out of town. she did not do it, but the plan was there. i love her with all my heart but this is really buggin me. what should i do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hi DannyJoe, and thanks for your question.

How long have you and your girl been together?

Did you find these things out from your girlfriend, or through another source?

Are you two still an item, and are you now no longer in jail?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
we've been together a year and a half. i found out part of it from her. she omitted the exact nature of it though. she said he asked her to go to the concert, but i saw the bank records where she had purchased the tickets. she came clean and swears nothing happened and that she just got lonely and wasn't thnking clearly. I'm not in jail anymore, thank god!
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hi again, and thanks for your reply.

Yes, thank God you're now out of jail!

This is a difficult situation for you, and I'm not surprised these new facts are bugging you.

If you love her with all your heart and want to remain with her, with a possible future for you two, you'll have to put this behind you and believe what she said about being lonely and not thinking clearly. Watch her behavior from now on, and if you think she really has the capability to cheat on you, you'll know soon enough. Hopefully, she'll be faithful and so happy you're now able to see each other all the time, again.

I wish you much good luck!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
to her credit we talked via $3.60 collect calls everyday, and i always had money for commissary. I am 27 she is 52 years old. Any pointers or changes in your opinion due to these two facts?
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hi again,

Well, you're right, 'to her credit', she accepted the collect calls from you, daily, and made sure you had money for commissary, and that was very caring of her.

I usually ask for the ages of the people involved, before answering, and this time I didn't, so thanks for that additional information. No, I don't really have any changes in my opinion regarding this situation, due to your ages, but do you feel you'd like your relationship to end up in marriage, sometime in the future? I'm not here to judge, but of course that is quite a big age difference, however, who's to say if that's important, in matters of love? If you are both happy, you do trust her to be faithful to you and she trusts you to be faithful to her, you have good communication and make each other happy, all you can do, is enjoy.

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