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i have a strange problem, i think. i have a female friend

Resolved Question:

i have a strange problem, i think. i have a female friend coming to visit in less then 2 weeks from holland. i have another female friend whos having issues with her husband and is being evicted this week because she cant pay the bills, shes from tennesee. she wants to come here this weekend and stay a couple of weeks until she figures out what to do. shes bringing 3 kids. i am also dating someone in rl, new relationship and not very far along. she knows about the friend coming to visit, but hte one wanting to stay just called me. i have a hard time saying no. oh, and i live in a one bedroom apt. my problem is , do i let the one that wants to come here come here? its certainly going to complicate a lot of things. and im not sure this is the best place for her to come to. she doesnt know anyone here but me. she has family in chicago, i think. i feel like shes comiing here hoping that i'll let her stay. if she comes and cant find a place to stay, what do i do then?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.

You have a very big heart! : )

If your friend with the three kids is being evicted, and she does have family or other friends who could help her out, it would be best for her to stay elsewhere, and not with you. Tell her in the gentlest way possible, and say there is just not enough room and you have an out of town guest coming in to stay with you, soon, and there's not enough room in your tiny apt. If she has absolutely nowhere to go and needs time to figure things out, tell her she can stay exactly one week, and no longer....

See if any of your female (or male) friends who have a bigger place, may be able to put her up. If you can find another place for her to stay, she won't have to stay with you.

I hope you're able to work it out so it's best for you and your friend and her kids are not out on the street.

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