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Hi you just answered my question. But the only problem is,

Resolved Question:

Hi you just answered my question. But the only problem is, my boyfriend is an intervert. We only broke up on Sat and as I said we both cried. I do believe he loves me but he is nervous of the future and he doesn't want a future of fighting, either do I...hence the counseling.
But I know an intervert needs space to process their thoughts. How long do I leave it before making contact, or should I wait for Conor to make contact? He knows I love him and all his friends and mine are routing for us. Everyone thought we were it...the real thing. I want to do thing right and not push him away. So should I wait a week or more or less before making contact. And then if when I do make contact....what should I say? Talk about our dog since I got him? I really don't know...I want him back but I dont want to push him
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Walter replied 8 years ago.



The biggest issue with people that are introverts is they need space and time to deal with problems.....arguments would be difficult for a introvert to handle. They prefer less stress in their lives so the fact is if you want this to work you are going to have to work on yourself......and he is going to need to work on himself as well. The fact is people do argue and he has to learn how to cope with this as well. I would also at some point (Hopefully after you all have worked things out) that he consider counseling as well as it would be very beneficial to him.


Since this has only been from Saturday he needs a little space to deal with his concerns on this. I would wait the rest of the week then make tentative contact. A phone call asking him how he is doing. Since you just started counseling and the break up hasn't been that long ago I would say that as long as you both take this slow there is no reason why you can not work this out.



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