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My supervisor called me into a meeting and the meeting was

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My supervisor called me into a meeting and the meeting was suppose to be about how did I like the summer camp we had this summer for the kids and what we could do to better it next year. But when I got to the meeting the head supervisor was there and the just charge me up about things I didnt know about I didnt know what to do or say. They had a meeting when I was not there to defend myself with alot of people and the head boss did not stop them from talking about me she just let them talk for about 30 minutes about me in front of people that did not have a problem with me. How can I get these people to leave me alone. They are trying to get me fired for no reason I do my job very well. They tell me they dont want to work with me. I am a very quiet person I mind my own business I dont mess with anyone. Please tell me what I can do to get this people to leave me alone please.

What is your position in the summer camp and/or the organization that runs the camp? Are you a counselor/teacher, and is the camp an individual entity on it's own, or is it part of a school, etc.? If you feel you have done/are doing what is required of you, and these people are making the wrong decision, you need to speak to your immediate supervisor and 'make your case'. Make a list of all the positive/wonderful things you've done for the camp and for the children this summer and ask why people are saying they don't want to work with you. Perhaps there are some specific actions you have taken which made some people feel were inappropriate, and it is their obligation to give you a reasonable explanation, so you can have a chance to redeem yourself and prove what they're saying is not true.

If you've been working there, with the same people for a while, and nothing negative ever came up, ask them why, all of a sudden, they're treating you like this. Sometimes, one person has something against you, personally, and starts spreading rumors about something you didn't do right, etc., and then the rumor spreads and before you know it, everyone is in an uproar and the entire situation is blown way out of proportion.

If you feel that you have done your best and given your all for the sake of the camp and the children, list these details and discuss them with the people who seem to want to get you out. It may be a 'personal vendetta' on the part of one person, so it's important to confront them, nicely, politely, and ask for the facts that lead them up to what's happening now.

If you went through (almost) the entire camp season without one problem, why, all of a sudden is this happening; ask yourself this, and ask the people involved, this important question.

I hope you're able to convince the people that will make the decision, that you deserve to remain with the camp and will change anything they feel was not done correctly, this season, for next year.

Good luck!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I work with these people on a daily . Today Program Coordinator moved me from the campus I been working at for a year to another campus with the lady who started all the mess with me and the others. I looked in our policies to see if she could just move me like that and it not in policies. It all started when the PC held a meeting that I did not get to attend because I was on vacation and she allowed a certain lady to talk about me in front of a lot of people and she did not stop her and know people at the job look at me all funny they been harass me I been trying so hard to do my job but how can I when they are harass me. My job title is case aide but I do all the work as a counselor
Hi again, and thanks for your reply with additional information about your situation.

Well, your PC was certainly not efficient in HER stopping of this discussion in your absence, and allowing people to talk badly about you when you weren't even there to answer to any accusations and/or defend yourself.

It's odd that she would move you to another campus with the lady that started the whole mess and spoke badly about you. If it's not in the written policy, then you need to go to whomever is over HER head, (her boss) and ask to be moved back to your original position or to another one where this lady who started everything, is NOT working.

Forget about how people are looking at you, and harassment is not allowed on the job, so you can speak to the top person (your supervisor's boss) about the harassment, also, and ask that all employees are warned not to harass others. You should be left alone and allowed to do your job as a counselor/case aide, without anyone's interference.

If possible, try to start looking around for another position where you might like the atmosphere, better. If you've been doing a good job, they have to give you a good recommendation. Recommendations are not based on personal feelings or opinions, but actual performance.

For the moment, don't respond to people who say unkind things, ignore them and go about your business of doing your best, XXXXX XXXXX

I hope things straighten out for you, soon.

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