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My former high school crush and I are currently both single...Iam

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My former high school crush and I are currently both single...Iam the mom to 4 teenagers and he doesn't have and kiddies.He has been asking to see me for about 3 or 4 months and i have avoided him...he said he doesnt like not being able to reach and see me when he likes...The question is I want to go out with him and see what he's like..How do i behave not to give him the idea I'm a potential booty call.I love his conversation but want him to respect and see I'm an honarable woman ..who wants more than fun and games.If sparks fly I want him to see something unique and special in me..He could have sex with anyone what can I do not to appear desperate but keep him interested.I also try not to call him too much..he texts me pretty often..Iam playing a little hard to get is this wise?I plan not be intimate with him for 3 more months if i decide iam comfortable.Is this a good idea to make him wait this long..he told me hasnt had sex since Nov 2008..If this is true im even more interested.

I agree with your thinking, and trying to find out if he's truly interested in cultivating this relationship with you as a person, and not just making it about sex. The amount of time you decide to wait to be intimate, if things go well with your dating relationship is your decision, and it's not written in stone, if you should decide to move the 3 month timeline up or back.

Playing a little hard to get is usually a good idea, unless you go overboard and he interprets your not communicating that often as a sign of disinterest or boredom.

You may want to increase your communication with him as time progresses and you reconnect on a deeper level, but you have to feel comfortable with each step of this relationship, as it occurs. If he's been asking to see you for 3-4 months, it might be time to see him in person, and take things from there. If he says he doesn't like not being able to reach you or see you when he likes, tell him you'd like to get together, but being the mom of 4 teenagers is a 25 hour a day job, and your kids are and will be, your first priority. However, tell him that you will try your best to make arrangements to see him as soon as you can, and you do appreciate his patience and understanding. You must being doing something right, if he's been asking to see you for a few months, and he's still interested in communicating with you even though you avoided the in person contact, so far.

I think it's exciting that you have re-established this contact with him,, and I hope things work out for you both.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks..a lot..I appreciate your advice.
Hello again,

You're most welcome; it was my pleasure to be of help. Thanks very much for your accept and your reply.