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I have been married 7 years. Right after we got married it

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I have been married 7 years. Right after we got married it seemed like our passion was gone. I feel like we are room mates but I am not in love w/ him. I care for him and know that he loves me however I don't feel like he expresses that love in a way that means anything to me. I have lost all interest in intamacy and actually I consider our marriage "sexless" pretty much from the time after our HoneyMoon. I distance myself from him and enjoy doing things without him. I am a fairly social person and he seems to want to stay at home often. I also have issues in that he always seems to lack life goals. He complains about his jobs, he's had many, but doesn't ever really know what he wants to do. I remained faithful to him until very recently. I met a guy that I seemed to connect with on an emotional level that was much deeper than I ever experienced with my husband. I know the grass is not always greener but I fear if I stay I will never feel that connection ever again and will regret it.


If you truly feel that your marriage is over and that you have tried everything to make your marriage have more passion and intimacy then what you are going to have to do is find closure within the marriage before getting involved deeper with this other man. If you go into a relationship without ending your marriage it will make things more complicated than they need to be. You have to be honest with your husband about the way that you feel and what you want to happen next. You never want to live your life with regrets but you also do not want to do something behind your husband's back because I believe there is such a thing as karma. Do not open your heart to someone else until your marriage is resolved and then when you are free and single then open your heart to someone else. Make sure that you have definitely tried everything when it comes to your marriage so that you can leave with a clear conscience and knowing that you tried everything.

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