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Been dating a man for 2 mos. Things are excellent when were

Resolved Question:

Been dating a man for 2 mos. Things are excellent when we're together. He says things like he's glad he's met me, how much me likes me etc. We have not much fun & hold hands, cuddle etc. He has sent a couple email though saying he feels i am not affectionate enough. I do hug & kiss him & have asked him out & called him. We have not been intimate and agreed to take it slow. Sat. night things got hot & heavy & I got a little uncomfortable. I got an email that he feels I don't want him at all. (Did not believe me when I said I was turned onby him that night when we talked about it) That I am emotionally blocked from my bad marriage. He's not getting the emotion & affection he want. the relationship is all 1 sided & I just respond to him (i do hug/kiss him etc). He says that is a "defensive" relationship.Says he has never dated a woman like this & is frustrated. Now he needs time alone to think about relationship & what he wants. What do you think? Is it over? How long do I givehim. dc
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.


What you need to do first is type him an email back apologizing if he got the wrong ideal about you and then go on to tell him exactly how you feel about him. It could stem from your bad relationship and you being afraid to get your heart broken again and if that is the case then it's time to own up to that before you lose him for good. Make the email as long as you need it to be to explain how you feel and everything you went through in that bad relationship and that you are just uncomfortable because you haven't had a man care about you in that way for long that it's going to take some time to get used to it and then ask him to be patient with you and that you want to have everything with him. After typing the email then tell him you are willing to give him the time he needs but that you want a lasting and loving relationship with him. Then I would give him at least a week to think about things unless he contacts you within that week then after the week I would call him to see how things are and ask if he needs more time. The email will give him food for thought in the meantime.

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