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What do you do when a girl likes you but you like her cousin

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What do you do when a girl likes you but you like her cousin instead? How do you go about pursuing the cousin without making yourself look stupid, and without hurting any feelings?
Could you please tell me your age and how long have you known both of these girls for? Does the cousin seem to like you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am 28, I have known the one girl for a couple of months and the cousin that I like for a couple of weeks. The cousin seems to like me, she got excited when I came to the 4th of July party. Was asking my age etc., and kept trying to get me some shots and was high fiving me. Anyways I care for them both, and would not want to ruin their relationship. Thankx, Nick
The best think you can do in this situation is be honest and up front. It may be a hard conversation to have with the girl that likes you but if they are close at all and you do not want to trouble their relationship you are going to have to talk to the one who likes you. Explain to her that you want to be freinds with her and that you would like to ask her cousin out, she might not be happy about this at first but she will not be hurt like she would if you went behind her back or if she found out you intended to ask her cousin out from someone else. Tell her you still care for her but not in the way she cares for you. Hopefully she will say she does not care or atleast give you permission. If she gets upset and says no she would not like it then you have a decision to make. If you think there really could be something there with the cousin that could lead to a lifelong partner would you be willing to pass that up just to not hurt a girl you have known for a couple of months. Be honest and direct and be sure you are clear there will never be anything more then what there is now between you and her and then persue the cousin. I hope this has been helpful please accept pay and feedback good luck bonus always appreciated
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