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And I have bin a homewife with my kids until they got out of

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And I have bin a homewife with my kids until they got out of school,and my heath is not that good I have IBS,HAD BACK SURGERY,HEADACES,I see a psychiatric because he put his handes on me two years ago and that is when i went to see a psychiatric because he said i was crazy and have been thing about KMSafe put i love my kides and grandkides and i was not going to hunt my safe because of him idont think he love me like he shound I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS
Hello, and thanks for your question.

I'm not sure if you had written something before what appears here, and it did not show up.

What is your question?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
my husband has filed for a device and he was the one that takeing me haveway to meat my mom and i had to heir it frome my kids want he did ,and he is live with the woman he workes with ,and he lock me out of the house and i had to stay over at one of my kids house yes it rigth for him to be live with a woman befor this is over i am not seeing aman
Hello again, and thanks for your reply with additional information.

No, it is not right for him to be living with another woman before the divorce is final, and is also is not right for him to lock you out of the house, if this is your home.

If he laid his hands on you a few years ago, you should have reported it to the police and you can also report to the police that he locked you out of your house. You can have a policeman come with you to get all your things out of the house, if the house is in his name only. If the house is in both your names, you have a right to live in the house, but you might want to consult a lawyer to let you know what exactly your rights are, in this situation.

I wish you much good luck, and hope that things improve, soon.

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