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The man I married has changed. He is a daily user of pot, consumes

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The man I married has changed. He is a daily user of pot, consumes LARGE doses of caffeine, coffee/soda, takes a central nervous system drug for memory; is behind his computer all day, doesn't do much,has problems with relationships because of arrogance, can't keep a job, caused problems with my family. He's been married twice before; never fathered children. Things were OK for 3-4 years. He lost his job, never looked for another, now is happy with just SS. I work full time. He procrastinates, is irresponsible, and has refused counseling. He finally consented. I came home, he was stoned, and I blew! He's being mean-spirited, nothing physical. He's diabetic, has high BP & cholesterol, We need to separate, this isn't healthy. I am an educator & see a counselor weekly. How can I better handle this pain? I have a support system with my family but don't want to live alone. I am confident in my job, secure financially, still can't let loose. The pain is terrible. Why can't I let loose?
Hello, lady claire.

I'm sorry to hear that you find yourself in such a difficult situation. It would help me if I knew a little more about your situation.

How long have you been married?

How old is your husband?

What kind of work did he do before he lost his job and how long has he been unemployed?

Do you have any children of your own?

What suggestions have you gotten so far, from the counselors you've seen? Have you always seen them alone, he never accompanied you?

Hi again,

Don't mean to confuse you, but I'm going to try something here. I'll send this as an 'answer', not as a 'request for information', and maybe then, you'll be able to send a reply? Don't click 'accept' until I send you my 'real' answer, okay?

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