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Do all Church Ministers get a fee pass if they commit adultry

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Do all Church Ministers get a fee pass if they commit adultry? i am now 66 years old. I have been active in Christian churches for over 45 years. Once I was an adult and divorced Ministers started hitting on me. One was giving me counseling advice. I know of over a dozen ministers who were caught and they just got transfered to a new state. It happened to me a long time ago, but I am still plagued with it. I still love God and know he sent Jesus to die for my sins, but, I am tired of getting taken advantage of and looked down on in so many ways. This has a lot to do witt the demise of the Christian church here in America. The subject never comes up about non catholic preachers so they keep on going along condeming gays so they will not get themselves exposed.
excuse my bad spelling. I am just still upset. I just found out today about a pastor that I had trusted molesting another family member.


No they shouldn't get a free pass but often they do because instead of going outside the church to get justice they stay inside the church and think that the Minister will pay for his indiscretions but often times they do not they just get tranferred. That is why you should not depend on the church alone to get your justice you live in the world and although you want to live according to the bible you have to depend on your police departments and lawyers sometimes and if you feel you didn't get justice within the church you should go to the police or lawyer and ask them to help you. If people don't stand up against the bad apples in the churches they will only transfer and make someone else there victim, you cannot say that every church is bad but some churches have bad seeds that are only there for their own selfish reasons like money, sexual pleasure, power but God said, "Vengence is mine" so if they do not get justice now they will eventually but that is what the justice system is for. Minister mistaken their relationship with God as being like God and that gives them the right to treat people anyway they want to and that just isn't true. If a pastor has molested a family memeber get justice now through outside resources and not just through the church. Would you like to talk to one of our Legal experts?

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