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I have a temporary agreement with my soon to be ex-wife. The

Resolved Question:

I have a temporary agreement with my soon to be ex-wife. The issue is I would like to take my kids with my girlfriend on a summer vacation. My ex does not want the kids to be around my girlfriend. This also causes another issue because I live with my girlfriend and she will not allow the visitations with kids while she is around. My girlfriend is a professional person with no issues. It is just my ex's way of trying to control me. Can I get around this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  sjanda replied 8 years ago.

Is your agreement in writing? Does it limit your ability to visit with your girlfriend present or is that just your ex's wishes that are not in a written agreement?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is in writing that she and her attorney put in BUT i have not signed off on the agreement. I am trying to see what leg I have to stand on. I am trying to finalize the agreement to have this in place while we are finishing the case.
Expert:  sjanda replied 8 years ago.
You do not have to agree to this restriction but if you do not agree then you may have to go to mediation or have hearing to decide what a court says about your right to visit with your girlfriend present. Since she is not a danger or a criminal the court will likely be on your side, but since the divorce is not final the court may find having her around does cause stress on the children and may limit contact, it really is a 50/50 chance in your situation.
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