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hi, im deaf and im from north carolina and i have some

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i'm deaf and i'm from north carolina and i have some question ...everytime i giving him the money and he,sometimes pay me back but he never got a job and he and i still contacts each other and do you think it is okay for him to be my friend?.

If you're lending money to someone and he's not always paying you back, I would not lend him money anymore. If you feel he is your friend, tell him this nicely, and say, if you want to be friends with me, pay me back all the money you owe me by _______ and give him a day/date by which you need to have it.

If he is a boyfriend, only you can decide if you want to keep him as a friend. It sounds like he's using you as his own personal loan company and that's not what friends or boyfriends do; it's not appropriate and doesn't show that he cares for you.

Don't give him money anymore and see if he is still your friend.

Good luck!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


i finally, read the answer and now i can understand and let me try to ask my friend and he is not my boyfriend and he is just a friend and if he said yes, iam his friend then i can not lend him anymore money and when if he said "please " over and over and i think i have to stop to being his friend until he is must understand that he knows he using me for money.i think, i can't emailing him until he have to think about it.

Hello again, and thanks for your reply and your accept.

I'm glad he is not your boyfriend, because that would make things more complicated in this situation. If he is just a friend, I completely agree with you--no matter how many times he says 'please', tell him firmly, I'm sorry, I have no more money to lend you and I do need to have that money back, which I loaned you in the past.

As long as YOU understand he's using you for money, it might be better if you were not his friend anymore, especially until he pays you back and stops asking to borrow more. You were very nice to him and he took advantage of you.

I hope everything works out well for you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



when if he will pay me back and do you think it is better off for him not to be my friend and just move on and find trustworthy friend and how can i find trustworthy friend?...because i have know my male friend for 5 and half years. and i want to ask you and which dates online i can use?. because i'm deaf person and i can speak well and i can read their people's lips very well. needs help

Hello again,

Well, a trustworthy friend needs to be your friend for a while, so you can find out they are trustworthy. If you have known your male friend for 5 and a half years, he may seem like a good friend, but borrowing money most often causes difficulties among the best of friends.

As far as meeting people through an online dating site, I've never used these myself, but they seem to be quite successful:,,

If it's important to you to meet someone of your same religion, there are various online dating sites that specify this. Just a word of caution---you don't know who you're REALLY speaking to, when you communicate online or even on the phone, after meeting someone online, so don't share any personal information, like address, phone, where you work, etc. until you know the person better and know he is who he says he is. Also, always meet in a public place when/if you meet for the first time, and tell a family member or friend, when and where you're meeting your internet friend, just so you'll be safe.

I wish you much good luck!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



i met a guy on the bus last year and we talked alittle because i have to get off the bus. i saw him again in raleigh downtown and we talked and talked. we had a nice time and i like him. he is hard of hearing and i'm deaf. he is also wearing hearing aids and knows how to sign language some.i asked him and see if he would like to out with me and he said yes, but i have to get my life together and i understand what is he talking about and i told him that me too and i neds to get my life together. i seeing him sometimes in raleigh downtown and he keeps telling me that he had a hard time to find a job. i don't know what to do?. i'm just listening to him. right now, i have not seen him almost a month. do you think i better talk with him more?.